Learn more about the different cultures of your encounter, team colleagues, employees or business partners.
Recognize the benefits of cultural differences in its diversity and create an inspiring, creative and successful collaboration. 

What Does XculturalWorking offer

- individual training and workshop solutions
- interactive, practical and sustainable learning
understanding cultural differences and deriving solution strategies
- contribution of many years of experience in the international working environment
- group and individual training, 1:1 coaching as well as workshops


Range of Services

Intercultural trainings and workshops for

- manager of global teams
- manager of international projects / programmes
- cross-national process managers
-Outsourcing / Offshoring managers
- globally operating, virtual teams
- future expatriates
- people working and / or living in an intercultural environment

XculturalWorking's range of services does not stop at the German border, but offers you a holistic approach. If desired, XculturalWorking will also train abroad.


Through understanding and appreciative intercultural cooperation, hidden potential can be released and new, creative and innovative thought-provoking impulses can be gained for yourself and the company.  

XculturalWorking is happy to offer the training sessions online or in person on your premises. 

After successful participation you will receive a certificate of participation for your documents.