Feedback of Participants

"Linda, thank you for such a wonderful contribution and I am very grateful for your time! It was a great pleasure to listen to your talk - highly inspirational. The cultural training session was informative and utterly thoughtful. Thank you as well for all the input on the cultural dimensions and the other important topics. This will definitely help me in future. I wish this programme will reach to the maximum of people who can make use the best of it to live a better life and to achieve their goals."
Pooja Subesh

"Thank you very much for this insightful training session. Linda Hagen's level of experience and the great way in which this knowledge was conveyed using practical examples made many things - including my own culture and personality - much clearer to me. I also learned that successful cooperation with other cultures is a continuous development process. This awareness and the newly gained knowledge help me to deal more easily with the intercultural challenges I have to overcome in my project. 
I can only recommend the XculturalWorking Trainings and I am looking forward to a follow-up session with Linda Hagen."

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for a very inspiring and creative event! I enjoyed the wide range of activities  that were on offer. This event has made me think how I can approach my work in a more creative way."
Silke Kenny-Erb

"Linda Hagen inspired and motivated me. She is very well organised and prepared and she pays attention to practical and sustainable learning. She also accompanied us very well in terms of moderation. I was able to learn a lot and can only recommend her."
Marie-Kristin Gottlieb

"You do such a fantastic job and are so well organised! I am full of admiration for it!"
Christina Röttgers

“I truly enjoyed the intercultural game and thus, the memory! Thanks for my favorite – ‘fun learning‘!”
June G.

"We really enjoyed it and we learned a lot!”
Grant D.

“It was great fun, and wonderful to meet each other in this way, as well as discovering/exploring Maltese culture.
Well done for the great organisation !”
Karolina E.

"The break out sessions were really great. Many thanks."
Phuong G.

"Super organisation and great commitment from you noticeable."
Kerstin D.

"It was a great experience. Thank you very much. Everything was right for me."
Silke R.

"Super interesting. Many thanks for the great organisation."
Desdemona R.

"Great, was a lot of fun and very inspiring."
Jutta D.

"Good structure, good accompaniment."
Cornelia S.

"You ask good questions to make me (us) think and reflect."

"Calm charisma, super prepared."

"You have a natural inviting charisma & are able to create a good connection with the participants."

"Competent trainer, well structured and organized."

"Serious presence and empathy."

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